Don't have time? Schedule Your Instagram and Facebook Posts and Relax!

Don't have time? Schedule Your Instagram and Facebook Posts and Relax!

Hello my friend.

Now I will tell you how to schedule instagram and facebook posts in particular. We will not get bogged down in details as much as possible. You will quickly see how you can do as much as possible. You will need some details though.

So let's start!

Talking to many of my friends, I realized that he was familiar with Meta Business Suite (formerly Facebook Business Manager). With Meta Business Suite, you can manage and analyze your facebook page or instagram account in detail. This is a free tool provided by Meta (formerly Facebook). You can get the information from their site

If you have a facebook account, you can login to Meta Business Suite.

In order to use Meta Business Suite, you must either have a facebook page. (It's a page, not a profile. You should know, creating a page on facebook is also free.)

Or you need to have an Instagram business account. (If you are not using your Instagram account as a business account, you can switch to a business account for free from the Instagram settings. The business account provides you with detailed analysis on the Instagram application. You can read the articles of Instagram for other benefits. At least now you know the existence of a business account. wink)

Yes, you must have either one to use Meta Business Suite.

If you have both, you should connect them on Meta Business Suite. Instagram describes it on their help page (

I'll continue assuming you can now log into Meta Business Suite and link your accounts as well.

When you log into Facebook, you will see an icon with 6 dots in the upper right corner. Clicking it will open a window. You will see the Meta Business Suite link under the Professional heading in this window. You can easily access Meta Business Suite from this link.

Finding Meta Business Suite on Facebook

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Creating and Scheduling Posts